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DJAlex Profile
Artist Name: DJ Alex
City of birth: Glanerbrug
Date of birth: 28-08-1976
Present resident: Glanerbrug
I started to play music at the age of: 21
Have you made your own compilation CD? yes, 13 cd`s called "DJ Alex Trance mix part 1 to 13.
Latest work: Album : From Inside (december 2003)
My Music style: Progressive trance, Euro groove, Deep trance, Techno.
Also performed at: Jan Cafe Amsterdam, City Lido Groenlo, Enschede FM, Halloween party Amsterdam, Dance Planet, Clubcard Radio, Backstage, Club cafe Hardbeat, Club - 4
Top DJ's list: DJ Tiesto, JamX & de Leon (Dumonde), Lange, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Airwave, Above and Beyond, Secret Cinema, John '0 Flemming
Most precious records: Most of the classics that I collected.
Why do you think people like you're music? I think it is the feeling that my music brings/gives them.
What do you think the Internet can do 4 you? Make a lot of friends, share my music, and promote myself.
Tips 4 party people Just have fun, and follow your heart.

DJAlex Biography
In 1997 this crazy madness started by hearing the track "energy" by the "Disco droids". Ferry Corsten remixed this track under the name of "Moonman". Damn that track had to be mine and soon I figured out this "baby" could only be bought on Vinyl. Well is I had no choice, I ordered one copy and few weeks later it was in my possession. It was my first real vinyl and I am extremely proud of that one. I still love to hear the sweet melody pumping through my brain.

As I did not have any equipment to play that record I had to buy me a turntable. However money was not an option at that moment. So I was 'happy as Larry' that I could borrow 2 soundlab turntables and an old mixer.. The first look at the equipment that I set up made my hart beat faster, I knew something had to be done with that stuff. So buying vinyl started soon. Months of practicing made me come to the first album I compiled: "DJ Alex - Trance mix part I", it was called. At that time the energetic trance was non-commercial and hit everyone at the right spots. So many positive reactions, so many satisfactions made me come to the second album and third and so on

In the meantime trance has made very big steps forwards into the future. But still whenever I here those classic records I still feel bad about not having bought more vinyl back in those early days. I still collect many many classic trance records and am very proud of the vinyl collection I now own. Some great memories come to me when I listen to these classic baby's. Nowadays my style has become more a progressive-style trance, beautiful tracks with lots of spheres combined in it, euro groove, and even a few techno tracks. I still have got to have that special feeling about a record before I buy it. Music has become a big part of my live.. I love to give a message to people who listen to my music, positive energy, good feelings.

Without my friends who have always been supportive and stimulating, I would not have made it up to this far. So here by I would like to give 'a big thank u!' to everyone for their positive reactions. I recently finished my latest album "DJ Alex - From Inside, and I still have that big smile and good feeling when I finish an album. Please don't hesitate when you are interested in a hardcopy, just contact me.

My first live performance in Amsterdam was extremely successful. Not only did I have a good time and played some great sets, the people loved it, dancing away for hours. Ending with that the police came to shut down the party well after closing time. I still feel like I have taken a huge step by doing that. I hope to perform many more great live sessions like that first one in the future. And hope that you all will support me with that.

If you have any more questions you would like to ask then feel free to mail me. I'll be happy to answer them.

Bookings can be also be made by mailing me, or by checking the contact section.

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